Innovative technology for strong products

By using a wide range of technologies, we meet the diverse requirements of our customers and markets. In doing so, we always focus on the efficiency of development and costs. Our broad portfolio reflects the services and investment power of our company.


The basis for your product

Films for inline production are manufactured on state-of-the-art extrusion machines. Here the extrusion machines are operated in direct linkage with the thermoforming machines. An integrated film thickness measurement serves for process control. The film structure can consist of several layers, thus for example gloss, light protection or sealing layers are possible.


Light cups for strong products

In an inline combination with our extrusion machines, cups and trays are produced in the thermoforming process. To produce a moulded part, the plastic film is heated, transported to the tool, pre-stretched in the mould, formed with compressed air, cooled and punched out in the last step. This manufacturing process produces particularly light, weight-optimised cups. The materials used are PS and PP granules. The forming of thermoplastics is a cost-effective alternative to injection moulding.

Direct printing

High performance with sophisticated design

In the so-called "wet-on-wet" printing process, white or transparent cups can be printed with up to eight special colours and up to 600 cycles per minute in a single printing process. An automated set-up process allows fast format and diameter changes. With special printing units we can also print so-called two chamber cups (yogurt with the corner) in one direction.


The sticker for your cup

In this segment, round cups can be decorated with a self-adhesive label based on carrier tape. Here the labels are applied alternately with front and back sides or individually. On request, bottom labelling of the cup is also possible. The labels are printed using the EB offset printing process. This process is a particularly safe printing and drying process in terms of migration. Paper and PP film with a lamination in white and transparent can be used as label face material. Matt and gloss varnishes are also possible as finishes.


The less plastic the better

The basis for our Desto Cup is a plastic lightweight cup made of PS or PP. The cup is completely wrapped with a cardboard banderole up to the sealing edge and printed with a maximum of six colours in an offset process. The banderole can consist of different paper grammages. The result is an aesthetic cup with up to 40% reduced plastic content. 

It is also possible to print the bottom and inside of the banderole in a single colour for promotional purposes. With the Desto Cup Slim, we also offer a cardboard wrapping variant that has no bottom. With this cup, the reduced plastic content is about 30%. 

All types of banderoles can be refined on request. On the one hand, matt or gloss varnishing is possible, on the other hand, hot film stamping and window punching can be implemented. In addition, various tear perforations can be used to separate the banderole better from the inner cup.


Decoration independent of geometry –
our sleeved cups

To produce a sleeved cup, a shrink sleeve is applied to a white or transparent cup and then subjected to hot steam in a so-called steam tunnel. The sleeve consists of biaxially stretched polystyrene and fits form-fittingly to the cup after steaming. Sleeves are printed using a combined offset/gravure printing process and gravure printing. Almost the entire body of the cup can be used as a printing surface. The OPS sleeving material we use is microwaveable.

Injection moulding

Our little things for great products

All PET preforms are available both as mono- and multilayer. Any colours and specific blockers can be selected for different applications (e.g. UV blocker or AA blocker).