Optimised production planning

Our secret for successful and efficient production planning?
We tell you all the details from our daily business.

Production models

At OPTIPACK we do not commit ourselves to one production model, but are always interested in making production planning customer- and market-oriented. Several relevant factors are included in the planning process, such as contract fulfilment, range of coverage analysis and lead time calculation. The internal forecasting by demand management serves as the basis here.



Batch size optimisation

Efficiency is the be-all and end-all for us. In order to be able to guarantee production optimised in terms of batch size, we determine the respective potentials per batch as well as the optimum ranges in close cooperation with our sales department. In this way, we do not produce different batches for each customer, but always try to supply as many customers as possible with one batch.

Set-up size optimisation

Just as with batch size optimisation, we also try to develop the most efficient method for set-up size optimisation. In close coordination with our production, the times for set-ups, cleaning, conversions, etc. are determined in order to find the best and most efficient solution for everyone.