We develop solutions for your success

Our development team consists of experts who gladly dedicate themselves to your product development. Whether your product idea is still in its infancy or you have already done initial development work, we will support you with our expertise.


We rely on optimal cup geometry

Using simulation models, we check cup shapes for static properties. In this way, the optimum geometry for the required upsetting pressure can be determined during the product development process. The aim is to achieve the lowest possible cup weight.

Haptic cup

The cup with the soft touch

By adding a special masterbatch, a silk-matt surface can be created on PP cups which stands out visibly from the usual smooth surfaces. Direct printing gives the cup a special look. In addition, the cup captivates with a pleasant feel.

Light protection cup

Our recipe for effective light protection

In a classic light protection structure, a black middle layer provides for grey looking cups. By adding a specially developed masterbatch, we create light protection properties in PS and PP cups, which hardly show any difference to conventional white cups and still protect your product perfectly against areas of visible light.

Rim high print 

Printing to the edge

OPTIPACK has developed a direct print cup with a sleeve-like appearance using the "Rim high print" process (stack edge printing). This technology is based on a special cup design and the associated modified printing process with a maximum of eight colours. With "Rim high print" we achieve printing of the complete cup, including the stacking rim. We will advise you in the implementation and check the feasibility of your product.

Desto O-Perforation

O for optimal – our patented tear perforation

Our new, patented perforation method is guaranteed to separate each banderole from a cup. Foolproof, consumer-friendly and in a single piece. In this way, the consumer can easily separate paper and plastic correctly and promote recycling.

Desto - Nature Look

Feels natural – Back Side Out Banderole

To give our Desto a more natural look we have simply turned the banderole upside down. We leave the smooth front side beautiful and print on the uncoated paper back instead. Thus we create the "Nature Look" with subtle colours. And the cup also impresses consumers on the shelf.

Invisible coding

Digimarc – always one coding ahead

Digimarc is the name of the code that hides in the printed image like a watermark, invisible to the consumer. Only by means of a scanner (e.g. a mobile phone app) does it reveal its information (EAN code, advertising, recipes but also information for the recycling cycle). We have been successfully using Digimarc Code for Desto and direct printing cups since 2019.

Digimarc - der unsichtbare Code
Digimarc: invisible code for the human eye. (Quelle: https://www.integer-solutions.com/digimarc-der-digital-watermark-code/)

Sleeve perforation

Making recycling even easier

Our sleeve perforation can be separated from the cup by simple tearing (from bottom to top). The perforation openings are kept small in favour of the available design area. This simple separation of cup and sleeve is also advantageous for sorted waste disposal.